I have loved to sing for as long as I can remember. Some of my first singing memories are of early summer mornings, out in the backyard in my hometown of Enid, Oklahoma; singing at the top of my lungs… "Opera" I always told my mom. My mom and dad never tried to stop my singing- they just encouraged me to sing a little softer outdoors (at such an early hour) and soon enrolled me in piano lessons. Piano lessons would eventually open the door to playing violin and oboe in junior high. I was immersed and fascinated with the world of music. By the time I was in high school I knew I wanted to write my own songs. So, I began by composing music to a Carl Sandburg poem; eventually feeling secure enough to write both music and lyrics. Though I was studying classical music at school, after school hours I was listening to pop radio and many times "re-arranged" songs I heard. My high school musical experience led me to study music at SWOSU. After finishing school, I became an orchestra director mentoring students for more than 25 years. Throughout all that time I did some composing and I did a lot of singing and piano playing in church praise and worship groups. A few years ago, while putting together a small concert showcasing some string students utilizing non traditional music, I found myself once again composing and arranging. The creativity it sparked was such fun and it rekindled the inspiration I had experienced when younger. That concert along with poetry and my love of childhood Bible stories- such as the woman at the well and Paul and Silas in jail, helped define the settings and instrumentation I use today. Though it has been many years since I made my "debut" out in the backyard, I am still fascinated with music and the positive communication it can create. With The Road to Emmaus I am again using poetry, my own music and lyrics to share good news and encouragement. Philippians 1:6